4 de junho de 2012

Weekend Report


Here i am, as i said before, to show you our time travel!
I guess pictures will speak for me...

the arrival

ArteFalco - hawks and reptiles

Cavaleiros do Tempo
time knights

Forging Traveler
A Forja Viajante

So many ways to spend money...
... and so many ways to gain weigh! 

Asyul Najima
Al Nawar - Oriental Dance

Shine like the stars ^_^

my baby girl loved this!!!
and so did I

I also "adopted" some cute earrings @ "Dragon's tent" - Tenda dos Dragões that i'll show you later...
just like the pretty crown that i bought for my Princess @ A Bonecada da Alexis - "Alexi's Dolls" that i'll talk   about this week.

I hope you enjoyed my Weekend Report 

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