1 de junho de 2012

Black again...

Hello everyone and welcome Friday!

The day didn't started the way i planned (as usual) but i expect this to be a very fun day!

Well, first i finally tried out the new Bellady foam hair coloration.

I tell you that's easier then the regular coloration method.
I used color 2/0 black and, despite my troubled morning made me take out the paint before the recommended 40 minutes to the color stick on, i guess it turned out alright... right?

Anyway, today is Children's Day and i intend to give my little girl a very different day!

As i posted before here, today is starting the Medieval Fair in Alhos Vedros and, as we do all years, we're gonna spend the end of the day traveling in time and taking home as many pictures as my little camera can stand.

Personal note - buy a memory card a.s.a.p.

So, this weekend is full and i bet you i'll have lots and lots and lots (and lots, if i don't forget to buy the memory card) of cool pictures that will make you wish to be there next year...

Have a nice weekend, world....

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