6 de maio de 2012

Mother's Day

Hellooooooo everyone!

Today it's Mother's Day (my second one as a mom)!
Officially in my calender, Mother's Day is every day, since i'm a working staying home mum =P and i get to enjoy every minute of a mini terrorist little girl!

Its been almost 2 years since my baby was brought to this World and really, being a mom is NOT easy or a bed of roses...or is it?
The constant attention and care, play, feed, love, education....a lot of juggling balls to keep in the air!

Does it "pay's off"?

the answer is yes 
besides making me crazy every single day, it's a unique sensation to feel her unconditional love.

So, if you're thinking about baby's, go for it but make sure you open your heart for a different life and different thinking!

If your just someone's son or daughter, please thank your mom for all your life!


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