29 de abril de 2012

Today's Status

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?

I'm sneezing my brains out, struggling with a cold ( damn you) that came out of nothing.
The weather doesn't help eater... living with a crappy grey sky all week made me blue...

To cheer me up a bit, i was looking for a new peace for my Spring/Summer closet.
Actually, i don't own much clothes!
I only have:

- 2 pair of jeans (one slim, one large, bout dark)
- 1 almost pair of jeans (ripped by time, light)
- 1 pair black jeans (veryyyy slim)
- 1 black (short) dress
- 2 black t-shirts
- 3 colored top (my colors...bloody red, dark purple and old pink hihi)

Yep...pretty small right?
That appends wen you became a mom and you have to deal with Large size being small for you!

Then, 2 years later, i returned to my Small size  ^_^  and nothing to ware!!!!

Not that much....i'm now building my own choices carefully so i can be full prepared for the Summer heat

Print loose-fit dress

This dress is so cute
Looks great with my "army" boots

It's a maybe...maybe to much color for me...

Having so little choices in my wardrobe helps me use my creativity and own style, as i have a star over at my style.

Well, ill return very soon, i swear  =)

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