27 de março de 2012

Challenge one

Hello Fashion Lovers!

Today i'll present to you the Basic's Challenge One.

This is the deal... I'll choose two basic's (this time, colored black) and challenge myself to "paint" them with some fashion acessoires suggestions!
Your challenge is to build your own version of the style and send me the pictures so i can publish here.

Didn't you saw the rules? Read them here!

Lets start by Style I

1. Top - H&M . Wide-leg linen trousers - MANGO
2. Oriflame Colour Lash Overload Mascara . Oriflame Beauty Hollywood Lipstick . Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble . Oriflame Beauty Smoky Collection Eye Shadow Trio
3. Oriflame Pearlized Shimmer Earrings . Oriflame Pearlized Shimmer Bracelet . Oriflame 

Pearlized Shimmer Necklace

4. Bag - Jean Paul Gaultier
5. Ballet Shoes - Jimmy Shoo

This is how i see it...

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