27 de março de 2012

Basic's Challenges

Hello everyone!Did you miss me? I hope so because i bring god news...

I promised a contest this week and, here it is!

This one will be a bit more hard and longer then the last one. I just hope you have fun with it =)
Lets start...

- Basic's Challenge consists in creating 3 different looks using 2 basic peaces (top + bottom) or 1 basic peace (dress or jumpsuit). Every time a Basic's Challenge is on, 3 different looks will be posted. The Contest winner will know her prize in this blog!In the end of the Challenge, the winner will be voted @ Facebook

To enter this challenge you have to:
1. Follow this blog2. Add me as a friend here

Rules* Go dig in your wardrobe and choose the basic peaces to ware.* Set the basic's at your bed and dig around a bit more, to find the accessories to compose your style.* Dress up like there's no tomorrow and put your make up talents in action!* Pic up your weapon (camera) and *click* * click** Repeat the process two more times* Send your pictures (and descriptions, if you like) HERE with the subject "BC1 I'm in!"* REMEMBER THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL...have fun*

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