28 de maio de 2012


Hello everyone!

It's been hard to get some free time to show you all what the hell am i doing for the passed days...
But, better late then never sOoooo...here i leave you with a little teaser of my latest work!

look at them, so white
that's going to change
This is the #1
not finished

Besides this, water infiltration problems and watercolor illustration (training), we've been out for dinner last Friday to our new Fav* spot!

Donner Kebab
Not much of a picture but, you can see
the size of the plate and the amount
of food in it!

My choice went to Falafel
very good and full
Sure i didn't went all the way in at my plate but, this time i could see the plate's bottom....

Oh...i almost forgot to tell you how excited i am for next weekend to come!
I guess i'll have lots of pictures to show you then...

Medieval fair

Day 1 * Day 2 * Day 3

So, if you're lucky to be around Alhos Vedros, please stop by!
Here is the Map

I hope to see you there =)

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