3 de abril de 2012

look what the cat brought in

So yesterday i got my first Oriflame delivery!
I was so happy wen the post office lady gave me a big brown box!

It was like Xmas.... ^_^

anyway, look at this gorgeous tiny thing that repaired my hand in one night (OK, i'm exaggerating a bit...but it's still very, very good)

Tender Care (royal jelly)
relieves dryness and restores softness to the skin. A special formula based on bees wax and vegetable oils, used for the lips, face, cuticles and all areas dry, rough or irritated skin
15 ml.

see the dry skin? between my fingers!
I used a bit of the miracle...

and 12 hours later...

the skin's still so soft.
Of course i'll try it in my dry lips =)


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