20 de março de 2012


Is there anyone out there?

I do hope so...

The first person to comment my blog will see her own blog published HERE!
Not much of a prize, i know....

So, what can i offer?

How about a Mia Doll?
(Mia Dolls are very cute dolls that can be personalized)

So, the first person to comment my blog gets some publicity aaaand... her very own Mia Doll.

Here's an example =)

Now, i wait for you..

2 comentários:

  1. MIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA cutest doll's ever, and they are like BB, and shophie lauren, of dolls :) elegant, cute, and sexy :D

  2. Congratulations, dear Adro!
    I'll contact you soon to discuss details =)


    Miss Noir