13 de março de 2012

Design your dress

Hello, dear watchers... if there's anyone out there reading this...

If you are there, at the other side of your screen, reading my blog, i expect you to like fashion!

Do you?
Then dare your sense of style and kick ass with your designs!


Go to unitedstyles and use your imagination!

The cool thing is that you can really buy your personalized dress!

You pick the style, the colors, the patterns, pockets...
Well, here are two of my own creations

In case you're a Fashiolista you can enter the contest and win your dress =)
(if you're not a fashiolista, you can always become one)

That's all for now  ^_^

Later will return to 20´s as a trend in 2012 Fashion. In fact, i'll show you all one of my 20's design.

So, see you around *

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